On Thassos, Greece. Photo by Livia Meneghin

On Thassos, Greece. Photo by Livia Meneghin

Who I Am

My name is Jenny, and I'm a New Mexican transplant living in Rhode Island. In my former life I was a dolphin trainer, then a teacher; now I do research at a university, and I hope to make writing a bigger part of my life.

I graduated from Dartmouth College with an MA in creative writing. My specialty is nonfiction--I'd love to write a memoir, or a travel collection--but I also used to be funny. It's important to keep a sense of humor about oneself.

Some of my more recent publications include my column with Motif Magazine, where I write predominately about food and drinks, as well as RI Creative Monthly, Cornerstone Magazine, and Vagabond Magazine. My work has also been published on online blogs, such as Taste Trekkers, Rhode Island Red Food Tours, Kiss From The World, The International Writers Blog of Brown, Discover Walks in Paris, and Haunted Waters Press.

Traveling is also a big part of my life. My mom calls me her wandering gypsy, and I've been lucky enough to travel to the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland), South Africa and Swaziland, Australia, New Zealand (where I spent four months on a working holiday), Indonesia, and Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, and Greece). 

You'll find out pretty quickly that going to Greece in 2015 changed my life; I was captured by the magic of an island. On Thassos I found my soul from a previous life. I hope that someday I'll be able to return for longer than 90 days, and to continue writing about my adventures.