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Welcome to my blog. I'm spending a year capturing happiness, and I invite you to come along as I journey toward a more joyful living. I also write about travel, food, and matters of the spirit. Hope you enjoy!

"Awesome News"

"Awesome News"

At 10:30am I received a text message from Jeremy saying, "I have amazing news for you!! It's too good to text so I shall be calling you tonight."

What could be so good that he would need to call me? 

Did he get a giant candle order? An award? Was he invited on a trip? 

None of those merit calling me, so I assumed it would have to involve my good fortune, too.  

Did he win one of those travel contests that I always make him sign up for? Are we going to Italy on an all expense paid trip?? 

When I voiced my ideas, Jeremy told me to "lower your expectations A LOT." 

Then I was bummed. No trip. What could possibly bring me joy? 


There is a story which I'll cut short, but the highlight is this. One of his students, he discovered today, is Greek. It gets better.  

"Are your parents from Greece?" he asked.  

"Yes," she said.  

"From which part?" 

"A place called Thessaloniki." 

"Really? Have you ever heard of an island called Thassos?" 

"Oh yeah, my family and I go there every summer."



I must apologize to Jeremy now for inviting myself to her family's thanksgiving. I mean: THASSOS! What if she's been to Archodissa? What if she knows Tassos of Thassos?? How crazy would that be! 

He was right. That little piece of news made my day.  

In more "real life" happenings, I have a couch surfer staying with me from Puerto Rico. She brought me coffee and we went to Duck and Bunny and talked nonstop for four hours. She's really awesome. I may convince her to also read Who is this Man?  I'm really happy to have her here. 

Note: cover photo is from Thassos. That's how I'd drink water when I was particularly thirsty. Gotta keep it classy. 

Prayer Time

Prayer Time