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My friend has a rule that good things always happen in threes. Or maybe it's bad things? Good AND bad things? 

I've officially ruined whatever the saying is, but there are three things I want to mention, all of which have good springing forth from bad.

1. The situation: I had a doctor's appointment today that led to an unexpected (minor) operation. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I didn't realize it would be today. I was not mentally prepared for this.

I texted two friends who knew about it in an SOS message asking them to pray. And I am so, so fortunate to have them in my life: not only did they both immediately respond, but they also both offered to drive me, spend time with me this evening, and ask if I wanted/needed dinner.

It was so wonderfully kind that I almost started crying in the office. (I managed to keep it together.) But it was so reassuring to know that I have friends who are there for me this way, particularly as a single person living alone in a state so far from home. Hugs to you, my beautiful friends!

2. The reason I declined their sweet offers for dinner was that I was leading writing workshop tonight. But it was so great! Even though we had two people missing, one of whom is leaving permanently because she's moving to NY--which, by the way, was heartbreaking for me when I found out; I miss her already--the six of us still had so much fun! Or at least I had fun, and I don't think that was the ibuprofen talking (though it might have been the wine...or the half block of cheese I singlehandedly ate). As always, the group came together with good humor and good critiques, and I left feeling so happy.

3. I received a phone call today from an unknown number. I answered, and it was someone I met a month or so ago downtown. He was in need of a place to spend the night--a hotel--so he could shower and have a good night's rest. I asked if he knew of a place, and he did, but since I never carry cash on me (he was asking for money), I asked if I could just call and make the reservation for him. 

Long story short, the hotel did not accept phone reservations via credit card, and it was in a town outside of Providence, so I wasn't able to go with him to get it set up. Basically, I did nothing for him. The only thing I did was give him my business card and said if there is something I could do to let me know.

So. Today, weeks later, he called. I had no idea what to expect from the conversation, but here's what he said.

- He wanted to thank me for that day that I stopped and talked to him. It meant a lot.
- He wanted to let me know he has a temporary place to live, he was offered a job, and he starts on Thursday.

ISN'T THAT INCREDIBLE NEWS? I'm so delighted! That's why he called; he wanted to update me. 

Ahhhhh the Lord is good. This makes me happy even now as I write. Praise the Lord!



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Work Humor