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Sweet Arrival

Sweet Arrival

I drove to New Jersey today to visit some friends who live just outside of Princeton. They've offered to let me use their house for a writing retreat this weekend (they'll be gone during the day tomorrow) so I happily took them up on it. And also--it's always a joy spending time with them!

I had a late start leaving RI due to being slow in general and also waiting until the last minute to pack, and right as I was about to take off, I noticed the light on in my car informing me I had dangerously low air in my tires. I haven't inflated my tires in ten years, so I actually had an anxiety attack. Thankfully I figured it out, despite being caught in the wind and rain and tropical storm Jose, layered in fleece and rain coats.

Needless to say, I shed some layers 5.25 hours later when I arrived to 75 degrees and sunshine in NJ. 

Blessed day!

David and Elizabeth (whom you might remember from my first visit) greeted me warmly and said words that rang sweetly in my ear: "Ready to go to the winery?"

YES. Yes I am. 

Not only was this place beautiful, and from where we sat on the deck, we could watch the sun set over the fields, but also (get this): one of the owners of the winery is Greek! 

After I saw spanikopita and a Grecian pizza on the menu, I had to ask.  

Man! I would be here every day if I lived in Pennington! (It's probably for the best, then, that I don't. But still.) The food and wine were delicious, the company extraordinary, and the sunset divine. It was the perfect way to end the week. 


 (Not to mention, ice cream followed. It was the cherry on top*!) 

*Both David and I got vanilla cherry cream ice cream.  

Hope everyone's weekend is off to such a happy start as this one was for me :) 

Glimmers of Greece

Glimmers of Greece