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5 Minutes

5 Minutes

Today was the last morning of our latest Discipleship series (which started in June?), meeting at 7am Wednesday's. I'm fairly certain I've included this class in my Joyful moment every Wednesday that I've been in RI because I always learn something new and it always starts my day off on the right foot.

Even when it's a struggle to get there.  

Today, there was one anecdote that stood out to me especially. We were talking about having a Rule of Life --fun fact: the word "rule" in Greek has the same root as the word for trellis, which is the structure that plants cling to, giving them a direction in which to grow-- and Andrew mentioned a friend who lives in Manhattan who has made it part of his "rule" to pray for each of his children five minutes a day.

At first, you might think, oh. Five minutes? That's...not significant.  

But five minutes every day for 17 years? 

That's AMAZING. And to hear the way Andrew was speaking about this father and son's relationship, the ways that this teenage son is maturing spiritually, it was so inspiring. And it makes you think, "Five minutes? I can do that."

So, today I took a lunch break and prayed for my person.  

Come to find out at home group tonight: every other person who was also in our discipleship class this morning did five minute prayers for someone(s) during the day. It impacted all of us that much.  

I'm so jazzed!!

Can you imagine if we all had that kind of devotion to one person, or one city, one cause, what kind of impact we would see??  I'm hoping that I can keep it up, to not forget, to not grow lazy or discouraged. I want to see what will happen one year from now. Praying for one person every day for a year. I'm setting the clock, guys!  


other joys include:

a surprise show of the sun after a rainy morning,

finishing my Fulbright essays, 

and walking with Watka whom I haven't seen in months. 

Hope you had a bright Wednesday :) 

ps. Photo credit to my former couch surfer, Jan!