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Anticipation and Goodbyes

Anticipation and Goodbyes

I have two moments. They are very different from each other.

The first is that I met today with Alexander, a Greek man (!!!) heading up the Yoleni's project here in Providence. For those of you familiar with New York and Boston's "Eatealy," this is like the Greek version of that. There will be a grocery section with imported olive oils, honeys, cheeses, wine; there will be a fresh made pita section where you can buy spanakopita and tiropita; there will be an open mezzanine upstairs with tables and chairs to enjoy the freshly made FRAPPES for purchase (ahhhhh this is the best news!).

The whole time he was speaking, my mouth was watering. "You know I'll be your number one customer, right?" It's a 7 minute walk from my office. This is where I'll be every day come November.

The anticipation alone is joyful. And, ever helpful, I told him my intention to apply for a Fulbright to teach in Greece, and he already connected me with a friend and colleague in Athens.

Greece. My heart.

The second thing! This is one of those cute-rage, happy-sadness moments.

For four years I've been sponsoring a little girl in Quito, Ecuador. She is the cutest little peanut. (The picture below is what her sponsorship papers had in them. She is now five years old.)

Today I received notice in the mail that I am no longer her sponsor because her community has become self-sufficient, and World Vision is stepping aside.

What joyful news!!! But I'm sad that I won't continue to receive updates and yearly photos to know how she is doing. It was such a blessing to have been able to contribute.

And now, I have been given a new kiddo, a three year old from Haiti. I'm excited to begin a new relationship and hopefully help her community to flourish as well.


If you're interested in learning more about child sponsorship or the other ways you can help people around the world--including those who are in need in Africa and the Middle East--you can check out this website. I believe in the good work they are doing! 



Coffee Milk Conversion

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