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Turn Around

Turn Around

This entry will need to be vague because of the nature of the story, but I wanted to make this my joyful moment because of how strongly I felt the presence of the Lord. 

I went to worship night with a group of friends who want to plant a church in my neighborhood. We as a church--the current one, not the new one--just began two weeks of prayer and fasting in order to prepare for whatever lies ahead. We did this in January, too, as a way of beginning the new year, believing that prayer should be a first response rather than a last resort. Especially when endeavoring a big change that we can't do on our own. So, that was the intention for tonight.

One of the people who was there was someone who doesn't even live in Rhode Island. Her children do, but she was just visiting for the weekend and is familiar with the church. But the fact that she was there seemed unusual...our group is pretty small right now and not even her kids are a part of it. 

I ended up sitting near the door thinking I would have to leave early, which put me right in front of her.  

Early into the night, the pastors suggested we pair up and talk to someone next to us about anything we're struggling with, ways that we can be praying for one another, confession, anxieties, etc.  

I turned around to my friend's mom, we had polite introductions (I'd met her before but I don't think she remembered me), and then she asked me what I need prayer for.  

Well, this is where I will spare you. Something I didn't even think I would say came out of my mouth, along with all the crying, and anyway--the most amazing thing. She said, "Do you know my story?" 

I did not.  

It turns out her story is my story, only far greater than mine, and now she has years of wisdom to go with it. I couldn't have found a better person in an entire 400 person congregation, let alone a small room with two handfuls of people. It was so random, yet so intentional. It's like God was saying: Here. Listen. Know that I am God, and that I love you.

 I'm also writing this so I don't forget. I will need to be able to tell the full story someday, but in the meantime, it's important to constantly remember the ways God speaks and moves and acts. Otherwise, the first thing our brain does is panic and forget God's goodness as soon as something goes wrong. 

Anyway, that's my moment.  

The other moment was making friends with the Greek band at the festival and requesting that at the next festival (in two weeks), they play my song. They promised :) 



Greek Festival

Greek Festival