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Welcome to my blog. I'm spending a year capturing happiness, and I invite you to come along as I journey toward a more joyful living. I also write about travel, food, and matters of the spirit. Hope you enjoy!



It's been a month since I've met with my writing group because of the July 4th holiday and vacations, so today we resumed. And I was reminded once again how much I love this group! I feel like the environment is encouraging while also being constructive so that everyone's work improves. One of our writers told us his piece was just accepted for publication, and it was one we reviewed together that led him to make some key changes. And now this! It feels like a collaborative accomplishment :)

Also exceptional about this group: people brought snacks for our discussion, and one girl even brought a box of Duck and Bunny cupcakes in honor of my birthday. (The cover photo is, in fact, a D&B cupcake, but not a photo of the minis we had tonight. I forgot to take a picture, but they were so pretty!). There was mocha espresso, red velvet, carrot cake, and gluten free mint chocolate. 

I had one of each.  

MINI Cupcakes! 

so, thank you to Andie and to the group for being awesome.  


tonight was music night at Archodissa. my first and last night of this year's visit. I got texts from three of my friends saying,

"Are you coming? Ella! "

"I'm looking to find you hiding in the bushes, but I don't see you." <-- reference to my debut night, when Dimitri walked by and saw me hiding in the bushes waiting for my song to come on.

"I am waiting for you--when are we dancing?"

They said they missed me. 

Believe me, guys, I miss you more. <3  

Catching Sunset

Catching Sunset

Showing Off PVD

Showing Off PVD