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Beer, Bacon, & Birthdays (Oh My!)

Beer, Bacon, & Birthdays (Oh My!)

Today was a day in which I added many pictures to my camera roll.

To begin, I was asked to be a judge for the first annual Bacon and Beer Festival--23 restaurants and 23 local breweries came together to create a bacon and beer dish pairing, and I was among a panel of five other judges who sampled every entry and delegated points. 

It's harder than it sounds, I promise.

Luckily, we had a good crew.

Why yes, I did eat ALL the samples. Thank you.  

Why yes, I did eat ALL the samples. Thank you.  

I may need to write a separate blog about it like I did for the cookie smackdown when I served as judge a couple of years ago. I learned valuable lessons that day that I carried over to today--namely, the judging rubric. 

Thanks to Brad Roher, who made our a-MAZ-ing cookie judging rubric, I had a baseline from which to start. (As judges we received nothing but pencils.) I happened to bring a backpack full of notebooks (<--writer) because I foolishly thought I'd get writing done during my "down time," but at least my wishful thinking allowed us to have score sheets! We developed a bacon/beer rubric just before the first items hit the table. 

Jim Nellis said we are now calling them Roher-ics instead of rubrics. 

[I didn't take a picture of ours since the rubric(s) ended up covered in beer and/or bacon grease, but trust they were cleverly devised.]

Twenty-one beer samples and bacon dishes later, I rolled out of The Steel Yard and went to my friend Lauren's birthday celebration. (You might remember Lauren from here!)

I missed a few hours of the party because of my judging duties, but I'm so glad I still went. We met in Beavertail State Park, a place I'd never been but must return to because it's gorgeous! It was a foggy, misty evening, so it was eerie and beautiful, much like Ireland is 90% of the time. 

The MOST fun thing we did was go crazy with my portrait feature on the iPhone 7Plus. It's the first time I've used it, and I loved it so much I took pictures of strangers and exchanged them immediately via airdrop. (True story.) 

Here are just a few of the photos we took.  


(The strangers I met) 

(The strangers I met) 



So, if you'd like to book my services for your next headshots, please let me know :)


ps. To M-Dogg. My camera vs. your camera. Let's have a face off!