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More Greeks!

More Greeks!

Here's the way this unfolded.  

I went to a gym I don't normally go to because it's my last month before I cancel my membership, and I went tonight specifically to go to weight class.  

I arrived and the weight class was full, so I went to the side room instead, the micro room where women can work out.  

There was another person in there, but we each did our own thing and kept to ourselves (though I did share my weights when it looked like she needed the size I had).  

Then Naia, a friend of mine, came in and we started talking about her recent cruise. The issue of travel came up, and I mentioned Greece. 

The girl that had been in the weight room this whole time stopped her workout and said, "What? Really? I am from Greece!" 

***unleashing the inner Greek-obsessed human inside me*** 

 "STOP IT. Είστε Ελληνιδα??" You're Greek?? 

"Ναι, Και εσύ?" Yes, are you? 

"No!" But I added, "Μόνο στην καρδιά μου." Only in my heart. 

That's how I win them all.  

Anyway, I now have a new friend who has agreed --willingly, because little does she know the level of my crazy-- to have coffee with me and help me with my Greek.  


None of this would have happened if things had gone according to my usual Tuesday plan. The whole day was full of non-schedule-adhering moments, in fact. I was taught to stop expecting my routine because only in breaking routine did I find magic. That's where the unexpected connections arose.

Today, I feel safe to say, was a good day.  


(As a side note, I'm reading the most amazing book about just how radical Jesus was in his compassion for children, women, and the outcast. It was given to me with this preface: "It'll make you fall in love with Jesus all over again." It is true I loved him already, but this is shedding light on things I never understood, particularly about the historical context of his day and the effects his actions have had on the way we live in the 21st century. It's fascinating, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about who this guy was/is. The book is called, "Who is This Man?" by John Ortberg. It's a game changer.)




Single Rose

Single Rose