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🎶 Alessandro, Alessandro 🎶

🎶 Alessandro, Alessandro 🎶

When I was in grad school and my friend started dating a guy named Alessandro, we used to always sing the Lady GaGa song "Alessandro" around him. Thankfully, I withheld that inclination while at the Verizon store today with the Solution Specialist, Alessandro.

I actually first met Alessandro a month ago. That was the day I traded in my iPhone 6 for the beautiful red iPhone 7 Plus --because it had a fancy camera that would be perfect to take with me on the Global Scavenger Hunt. 

And perfect it was! I loved that camera so much. I commented on it every time I took a picture. I'm not attached to objects, just their sentimental value, so living without a cell phone is not the worst thing in the world, but I will say I enjoyed that phone a lot.

As I've mentioned (either here or elsewhere), my phone went missing in Brussels. Thankfully, I had insured it, but just as I returned to the States, bad things happened.

First, the replacement phone was sent to the wrong address.

My dad caught it on the FedEx tracking and tried to re-route it to the correct address, but they refused to honor his request since it had already been shipped, so the best he could do was ask to return to sender (as advised by Asurion, the insurance company).

Once it was headed back to the sender, he contacted Asurion to give them the correct address, and they told him the claim had been cancelled, no further action would be taken, thank you and goodbye.

*blink* *blink*

What just happened??

That's what I hoped to find out today. I returned to the Verizon store to tell them my situation, and who was at the door to greet me but Alessandro!

He remembered me and asked about my travels, and after a quick catch-up, I filled him in on the story. Without hesitation, he said, "Let's call them and figure this out."

He then proceeded to spend the next hour--at least--with me and with the Asurion company on the phone, printing out paperwork to file a new claim, scanning it and sending it back on my behalf, and doing as much as he possibly could during business hours. 

It was as if I were in Cambridge again with Laura who spent all of her time figuring out how to get Mark and me to Dublin. I was/am so indebted to the kind service of these professionals who've taken on my burdens as their own, and worked so hard to resolve them.

Thank you for all of your help today, Alessandro and the Verizon crew! 

Asurion is still "processing," so I'm crossing my fingers everything works out okay. Once I've made it through to the other side, I promised Alessandro I would take him and his girlfriend out for drinks in celebration :)

PS. I had to ask him to take a selfie and send it to me since I could not take his picture without a phone. The fact that he followed through with it is true dedication.

PPS. unrelated: my other joyful moment was stopping by a friend's house on the way to Whole Foods (I was on foot), and I found another friend at his house, too! We all got to hang out and grocery shop together, and it was great to see them a couple of days ahead of our Wednesday night group. This makes me happy to be home! 

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