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Name Day

Name Day

In Greece, almost everyone has a Name Day.  This is based on the Greek Orthodox calendar, where each day is dedicated to a saint or martyr. When someone is named after that saint/martyr, they share that person's "name Day." It's similar to a birthday--there's celebrations and parties and wishes of Hronia polla, and it's kind of a big deal. 

Today was Nikitas' name day (not for the St. Nikitas, but for the St. Nikitas of the island village where he grew up), and he told me ahead of time I ought to plan something special for him. 

He was kidding, but I took him seriously.  

The one thing I knew I wanted to do was take him to the Mystic Aquarium in CT. His favorite animal is a penguin, and I thought it would be a nice surprise for him to get to see them.  

Back in my dolphin training days, I worked with a girl who is now a trainer at Mystic, so she got us in to see--not only the penguins-- but hundreds of fish, sea lions, fur seals, belugas, animal shows, training sessions, etc.  It was great. 

We also went to Newport (he'd never been), to Tiverton (neither of us had ever been), and to a house-warming party. 

My joyful moment was actually brunch, before we even left PVD. We ate at Amy's Place, of which I am now the biggest fan. Despite its small area, we found seats outside. We shared chocolate chip banana pancakes and a Greek omelate.  


That moment had the sweet, the savory, and all the promises of the day.  

Nik's favorite moment came after we'd visited the aquarium and walked the Cliff Walks and were sitting down, facing the bay, drinks in hand, pausing to savor the day that had passed so far (it also helped that he had a cucumber martini, and he loves all things cucumber). 

Nutshell: it was a long day, but a wonderful day.  



Yia mas in PVD

Yia mas in PVD