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Na Sou Po

Na Sou Po

The best part of the day was the last part of the night.

My friend Jeremy came to Providence for dinner. We crossed off two places on our must-visit list, including Pasta Beach in Wayland Square and North Bakery.

The reason we came: Penne Arrabbiata

The reason we came: Penne Arrabbiata

(Verdict: Pasta Beach in Newport is better. And North Bakery--I'm curious to try their dinner. We got plated desserts, and I liked them, but they were...interesting. My true desire is to come back early in the day and snag a chocolate chip cookie. NORTH MAKES THE BEST.)

Then off to karaoke at the Boom Box for a friend's birthday. We arrived to a packed room, red lit and boisterous, everyone yell-singing. It was wildly fun to observe, but neither one of us sang. I never have karaoke'd, and there is no amount of alcohol that would ever convince me otherwise. 


I told Jeremy as we were walking back to my car that there was maybe one exception to my not-singing-ever-in-public-ever rule. "Can you guess what I'd sing???" I asked, with crazy eyes.

"Um. Greek music."

How did he know?


"The room would go silent," he said.

"Depends on the room!" I retorted.


"But...OH MAN! Na Sou Po! That's my summer jam. THAT'S my karaoke song!"

I was getting really riled up.

"We're playing Na Sou Po in the car!" I declared.

And so, in my little black Prius, we drove through the streets of downtown Providence with my windows down, blasting Greek music, dancing and singing to Na Sou Po (<--me. But Jeremy was into it, too. "It's catchy," he admitted.)

IT WAS SO FUN. And because I love you so much, I'm including the song for you to listen to. (Just consider this before you invite me to your next karaoke night.)


Yia mas in PVD

Yia mas in PVD