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Writing Group 2.0!

Writing Group 2.0!

Hello fine people!

I'm just getting back from the most AWESOME first meeting of Writing Group 2.0!

(Just FYI: that's not what anyone else calls it.)

If you've been following the blog from the beginning, you might remember the day I was joyful because I might be accepted into a writing group. Then there was the day I was joyful because I was officially accepted into the writing group. And, of course, there was the day I had my first meeting

Well, shortly after my debut, I semi-volunteered, semi-was-commissioned to lead my own section of the writing workshop because The Providence Writers Guild had an unrelenting supply of new people wanting membership, and they thought it was time to open a second section. Who but doth appear to lead this section (2.0)? It is I, Jenny!

(leading sections of writing workshops makes one speak like Shakespeare late at night)

Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with my writing mentor, a previous employer, former teacher, and all around wise sage and counsel: Ms. Mac. (Her name is Eva, but I still have trouble calling her that. I usually address her as "Eva," with air quotes.)

She led my very first writing workshop, back when I was a senior in high school. I didn't realize then just how helpful her class would be when I was attending graduate school for creative writing and ALL we did was sit around writing workshops talking about each other's work. I actually know what I'm doing at an Ivy League University? GOD BLESS MS MAC!

Her rule of thumb for each member of the group was to read the piece(s) at hand and make notes on:

1) what's working?
2) what questions do you have?
3) what suggestions do you have that would make it a stronger piece?

Anyhow--that's just the tip of the iceberg of things I learned from Ms. Mac about how a successful writing workshop ought to go. I spent two years in the community writing group she established while I lived in Roswell post-college, in a group known as The JOY Writers (ironically), and because of her guidance, I was able to approach a room full of strangers this evening with some small level of confidence.

And the result was amazing.

Not because of anything I did, but because the dynamic just worked. We found it! The eight of us shared stories and questioned techniques and praised beautiful moments and offered suggestions, and I think we all walked away feeling as though we contributed to a moment of greatness.

This group has such potential, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

(ps. the cover photo is from Writing Workshops in Greece 2.0.)
(pps. that's not what anyone else calls it)