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Welcome to my blog. I'm spending a year capturing happiness, and I invite you to come along as I journey toward a more joyful living. I also write about travel, food, and matters of the spirit. Hope you enjoy!

International Day

International Day

Today nvolved eating good food, being outside, and most importantly, catching up with friends. 

Three friends from three different countries called me today. It wasn't planned; it just happened. And it was the most delightful surprise and joy to talk to each of them. 

One of them was Tanvi, my friend whose picture is on the cover photo. She and I went to graduate school together, but she's been back in New Delhi for five years now. We had been hoping to catch up about our recent travels, and oh!! GET THIS:

We were both in Iceland at the same time! Not only that, but we were at the Iceland airport at the same time. And not only that, but another friend from grad school was also in Iceland, at the airport, at the same time!!! 

How does this happen?! 

The two of them found each other, but since I was phone-less, I could not see their instagram update and had no idea they were there. I'm so bummed I missed them!  

The last time I saw Tanvi was three summers ago in Scotland.  


Today, my Scottish friend asked me to brunch, and it was rather bizarre because I was thinking how much I wanted to go out for brunch, particularly at this place I've never eaten called Rogue Island.

But I figured I should save money, and it was last minute to ask anyone, so I just went to the gym and planned to have some toast at Seve Stars afterward. 

Not 20 minutes later, Scotland texts to see if I want to have brunch today. (Yes!)  How about Rogue Island? (What?? ARE YOU KIDDING?)   

It was amazing.* 

I also got a haircut moments before my two other friends from overseas called, which means that when they called and wanted to face time, I've never looked better. I don't know if hairdressers are certified miracle workers, but my hair certainly thinks so.  

The day ended with a hodgepodge group of friends supporting our other friend play acoustic guitar while we ate award-winning pizza.** One of the last songs of the night was Backstreeet Boy "I Want It That Way"--by request. And when Rob played it, an entire room full of people sang every word.

It was magical. 

*please don't hate me, M-dogg!

**the crust is award winning (true story) 

The Uncaptured Moment

The Uncaptured Moment

Lincoln Creamery

Lincoln Creamery