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Lincoln Creamery

Lincoln Creamery

I'm so thankful this place exists.  

One of the first places I visited in Rhode Island, before I lived here, was the Lincoln Creamery. I don't remember what I ordered, but I remember what my friend ordered: one scoop of black raspberry and one scoop of peanut butter cup. 

Out came a giant cup--for only $3! This was madness!--and my friend complained that they'd raised their prices. He remembered when it was a $1 per scoop(!) , and I told him, "Dude. This is a steal!"

Anyway, his ice cream was so good that I've only ever ordered his combination since. 

Oh. And by the way, this place has the best ice cream in the state, in my opinion, particularly for these two flavors. I'd put it to a taste test. 

**yes, that is a challenge!** 


This has been a weird week. I was sick yesterday, tired today, and I had no plans on a Friday night when it was warm outside and everyone was at the Hot Club drinking on the patio. But I really wanted to go for a jog and end my day with an ice cream dinner.  

So, I didn't jog, but I did end the day with an ice cream dinner. SO TOTALLY AWESOME.

I branched out and tried Coffee Oreo instead of Peanut Butter Cup (trying to stave off future allergies by laying low on nuts when possible), and I must say...Coffee Oreo may be a new regular. Sweet Lord it was good. 

Cheers to having ice cream for dinner, yet again.  


Black raspberry on top, coffee Oreo on bottom. Blissful Jenny in back.  

International Day

International Day