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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

For the record, the cover photo doesn't have anything to do with today's post, but Mark sent me all of our trip photos, and I thought this one was really cool!  It was taken while kayaking in Dublin down the river Liffey. 

Anyway, today's best moment came all at the very beginning of my day (and also at the very end of the day; bookends of happiness, if you will, but I'll focus on the morning).  

First of all, because I haven't had a phone and because my only alarm clock is my phone, I've been waking up at the hands of my internal clock. (The fact that I've been in 8 different time zones in the last 3 weeks makes it pretty impressive that I've gotten out of bed at all, let alone on time for work.)  

This morning, however, there was discipleship class at 7am, and because I walk there, I needed to wake up earlier than usual, sometime between 5:15-5:30 is my usual. I assumed that just wasn't going to happen.  

At 5:22, I happened to wake up, checked my watch, and thought: "I guess I'm going to discipleship!" 

It was actually very exciting.  

But the REAL joyful moment happened after class. 

Someone I know-- a beautiful, kind, and graceful soul-- confided to me on the day before I left that she was without a home or job, living in a shelter, and that her prayers had been focused on steadfastness in her faith despite the uncertainty in her life. She believed that even in this difficult situation, God was working and teaching her something, but she missed the feeling of being independent.

I had noooo idea she was going through this. She's more poised and graceful than I am on my best day, and her knowledge of scripture and positive attitude always left me thinking, "She really has her life in order." 

And not that that wasn't true--if you look at my priorities and her priorities, where my faith lies and her faith lies, it'd probably be obvious her life was in order. But you know what I mean. 

So, the day before I left for my trip, I happened to have cash on me because I was going to deposit it as spending money, but it became clear that this money belonged to her. 

(I also offered her my room while I was out of town, but that ended up being too complicated.) 

Long story short: I said, "I'm looking forward to three weeks from now when I see you again. I know God is going to do great things in your life, and I want to hear about them." 

SO TODAY, I saw her for the first time since I left for my trip, and she was smiling. She said, "I have some news for you." 

She said, "I will be starting a job on June 1st as a customer service rep for [a very good company]," and I start squealing, but she continues: "and today I'm signing a lease for my new apartment." 


Such a praise God moment!

Her news had me floating on clouds for the rest of the day. 





The Heart Flowers

The Heart Flowers