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Today was a really, really bad day.

The kind of day where you wonder how things can get worse.

And then they get worse.

Short story: we planned to go to The Netherlands, bought a train ticket, and then realized logistically it did not make sense.

We realized there was only one train to London with available seats, and only first class tickets remained. (If we went the following day, we'd only save $40 each...which, in the grand scheme of this ticket, was a small amount). So, we ate a lot of money.

We tried to buy a travel book at the bookstore, but it was closed for the May Day holiday.

We searched for a restaurant to complete a scavenge and never found it.

We ran out of time to get one final hot chocolate and waffle in Belgium.

I stood in EVERY SLOW LINE in security/customs while boarding the train to London. Seriously, it was a scene out of the movie Office Space --the only time I was in a fast moving line, I realized I'd LEFT MY LUGGAGE ON THE CONVEYER BELT and had to go back and get it.

Oh. And then I lost my iPhone 7 Plus. 

The brand new one I bought for this trip because of the camera, which I doted on every single day since we started the trip. 

We were boarding the train to London when I discovered it; there was no way to retrace my steps and figure out what happened. I had it after breakfast, and it went missing by the time we were at the train (an hour in which I don't recall taking photos or using it). 

It was a rough day.

But God is good. We have our safety and our health. We arrived to Cambridge and received the most amazing help from Laura at the train station, who set us up for our next leg of the journey. I played piano in St. Pancras Square (a challenge was to be a street performer for 15 minutes) and I made 3.50 pounds(!)  We took a punting boat down the river in Cambridge and it was beautiful. 

There were still lovely moments of the day.

Not to mention, it was my first time riding first class on a train. Free ("free") wine!

Sorry I have will have fewer pictures from here forward. I'll work on it.

on the punting boat with an awesome guide

on the punting boat with an awesome guide

Wales at Last

Wales at Last

Waffles and Greeks

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