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Today was a long day.  

I woke up at 5:30am, which is an hour earlier than I normally wake up, in order to go to discipleship class before work, and here it is 10:00pm and I'm just arriving home.  

There were a lot of bright spots in my day, but it feels like this morning was eons ago. Did I really recite Psalm 19 today?  Did I really complete a huge project at work?

(This is my boastful moment: So, I had a total geek out last week when we were commissioned to memorize Psalm 19, and I made note cards and learned the whole thing in two days. This morning I got to recite it for the class, and I didn't forget my lines-- I spoke with fervitude and conviction.  I may have problems, but this was my idea of an amazing time.)

I also took part in a commemorative reading of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's speech, "Breaking the Silence"  (regarding Vietnam), which he gave exactly one year before his assassination, which was 50 years ago yesterday. We'd planned to do the reading on April 4th, but it took place outdoors and the rain caused us to postpone. 

This was a beautiful hour of my day because  

1. The Reverand was so brilliant. His words resonate with such power and truth, their echos resonating even today. I'm always in awe whenever I read something of his. 

2. The collection of readers we had [we divvied up the speech] included a mix of genders, races, and nationalities, and it was really amazing to witness that and be a part of it. All of us together, on stage, reading his words, unified. 

But by the time I went to writing group this evening, 13 hours after I left my house this morning, I was feeling a little weary. And then, of course, I had a minor emotional breakdown when discussing my piece (due to content, not criticism), and I arrived home feeling exhausted. 

That's when I saw the email. The Providence Journal said they would like to cover the Global Scavenger Hunt, and I don't know what that means exactly, but I'm excited! I hope we can spread the word about what we're doing, and in turn, spread kindness.  

It was the bright spot of my night.  

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