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Waffles and Greeks

Waffles and Greeks

This morning I had the best breakfast ever, Belgian waffles coated in warm chocolate fudge, topped with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream.



Our second breakfast was ice cream with fudge and whipped cream at the most beautiful train station on the planet (according to Bill, but I can't argue), so we were going strong on indulgence today.  

But the other highlight for me was stalking some Greeks and gaining the courage to let my stalking be known by speaking to them in Greek on the train.  

While Mark and I were waiting on the platform I heard a girl talking on the phone, and it took me a second to realize that I understood what she was saying and it wasn't in English. The only part I remember now was skilaki , talking about a dog, but nevertheless, I started hovering around her, determined to sit next to her on the train. 

Then she was joined by a guy ("Mark, there's two of them!" ), but in the chaos of boarding, we were separated and all these other vagabonds took the seats that were in close proximity to them. 

Some strategizing occurred--I won't bore you with details--but at one of the stops, I nonchalantly walked by their seats and asked them, in Greek, if they were from Greece.   

And we proceeded to have a conversation, in both Greek and English, but they told me my Greek was perfect (an outright lie given that they asked how long I've been learning Greek and I said two hours instead of two years. But my grammar was good!) and they told me I need to come live in Greece. 

If only they knew.  

The whole incident, however, had me beaming for the rest of the train ride. What I've learned is that I can travel all around the world, see and do amazing things, and enjoy so many new people and places; but at the end of the day, my heart still leaps at the thought of Greece.  


Wherever I go, Greece wounds me. - Sefaris