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An Island for Everyone

An Island for Everyone

Two things.

1. This will be a short post.

2. I almost forgot to post at all,'s my one push-up.*

*phrase coined by East Side Home Group, under the context of changing habits and feeling discouraged when you mess up. Someone compared it to going to the gym, and here is a situation I've come across before--what if my day has gotten out of control and I can go to the gym but I'll only have time to jog for 15 minutes. Or only do one push-up. Is it even worth it? And someone commented: "One push-up is better than no push-ups." 

My gratitude was making a flow chart quiz for a Newsletter we send to high school students.

This goes back to my Greece Wins! post. The students voted that they wanted to spend a year in Greece more than any of the countries listed, which made me do a happy dance and propose to make a Greek themed newsletter.

Well... I actually did. And today I devised a "Find Your Island" Personality Quiz since Greece has 227 habited islands (of 6,000+ total), so there really is an island to suit every personality.

I've never made a flow chart quiz before. It's shockingly complex to orchestrate, but I am SO PROUD OF IT. I hope my boss approves.

(I'd share it here now, but it's only saved on my work computer.)

So instead I'll leave you with another flow chart quiz, one I did not make up but wish I did.


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