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Clean Water

Clean Water

My moment of thankfulness today was the result of all of my research involving the fundraising campaign for The Global Scavenger Hunt.

We FINALLY came up with a solution to the ongoing dilemma about who to help and how, and we are about to officially launch our efforts [I apologize in advance for inundating you with pleas to help]. The basic gist:

We're helping three organizations that address three different needs (our donors can choose whichever affects them most closely):

  1. Orphans and education
  2. Refugees and displaced persons
  3. Clean water

It was this last one that got to me today.

I watched a video (attached below) about what it would look like for Americans to undergo the conditions of people, say, in Africa who walk up to 4 hours to fill up giant yellow canisters with water from ponds and watering holes and bring it back to their homes every day. Their water ranges in color from cloudy gray to completely brown. This is the only water they have: to drink, to bath in, to wash dishes and clothes with. Imagine having to carry all the water you use in a day--not only how strenuously heavy that would be, but also the fact that it would impair you from having a job or being able to go to school--and the only water you have access to is full of dirt and bacteria and parasites. 

Um, Jenny. Are you gonna get to your thankful moment?

Yes, sorry.

So, as I was walking to work today, my head was swimming with all of the things I need to do before Friday. I'm maxing out on my stress level, and so I was praying about being able to manage my time and prioritize, yada yada yada, but then I had a moment of realization that all of my "problems" are due to things like

having a job
having the opportunity to go on a world trip
having the ability to provide for myself

It's not that I don't realize these things, but it was a check on my perspective. Instead of focusing on my "problems," I started sympathizing with and praying for those who aren't walking to work like I was, but walking to get water to take back to their families.

Ironically, it was raining here. And despite the fact I was carrying an umbrella, I felt as though there was water running down the back of my leg. "That's odd," I thought and kept walking. 

But the sensation didn't stop, so I finally halted in the middle of the road to figure out what was going on.

It turns out that I had failed to tighten the cap of my Nalgene bottle inside my bag, and all of the water had spilled out, saturating my tote to the point that water was dripping through my bag and onto my jeans/boots.

Normally, something like this would have pissed me off and added to my already not-so-awesome morning and I would wonder WHY, GOD. WHY ME? 

But today I was struck by the cruel irony. My clean water, so effortlessly obtained, was emptied onto the ground--gone. Wasted. And instead of being mad because my bag was soaking wet, my jeans were wet, my socks were wet, I was heartbroken at the loss of that water, what it meant to people on the other side of the world.

So, today I'm thankful that my perspective is a little less narrow than it was yesterday.