photo by Livia Meneghin

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

This a yesterday-carried-over into today moment.  

One of the workshops I attended yesterday at the PVD Lady Project Summit was on food plating and food photography. 

I learned some tricks of the trade, and these are two of my shots from today:

THIRD TIME'S A CHARM Sweet Potato Muffins.


They're photogenic, AND they taste good. (And I actually took the time to plate them (!))

Cheat day: Samoa Hot Chocolate from The Shop.


This drink has coconut shavings and caramel and was born Instagram ready. This took little skill that I can claim.  

The cover photo. A complete hack in that we were not allowed to eat any of it because the ingredients had been sitting out all day and might have poisoned us.  


But we sure did make it look good, right?!

I also learned about VSCO cam, but I'm still trying to figure it out. Hopefully one thing I'll take with me on the world trip is the ability to capture my food well.  

 "Hi, [country]. I don't know what language you speak, and I probably couldn't point you out on a map, but I bet I can fully capture the beauty of this meal!"

Yeah... They're going to just love me over there.