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Greece Wins!

Greece Wins!

Prepare yourselves: this is not profound.  

Quick background: For my day job, I am a research assistant, and I work on a study in which our participants are high school students. They take surveys online, and to break up the monotony of serious questions, we intersperse "Just For Fun" questions. 

These are would-you-rather type questions, pop culture, opinion kinds of questions. They are, in essence, just for fun.  

I was charged with creating these for the last survey, so naturally, I came up with the following: 

"If you could live in any country for one year, free of cost, where would you live?" 

I offered 15 choices, ranging from England/Ireland/Scotland to Brazil to Japan to France. And of course, Greece was an option. 

Today, I was tallying the responses in order to make a newsletter for the kids, and I discovered that (wait for it...) GREECE WON THE MOST VOTES.  


I literally stopped what I was doing to raise my fists in victory--with congratulatory self-cheers--and immediately emailed my boss: 

Subject:  GREECE WINS 

I just had to share because I didn't even rig this!

On the Just for Fun question about where they'd most like to live for a year if money was no option, the highest percentage of participants responded GREECE!!!! (well, technically, the highest percentage said "other," but I'm ignoring them).


--Pictures. Who doesn't love looking at Santorini?

--relevant Greek words for their hypothetical year abroad!

 --A cartoon version of me doing a happy dance, or a Greek dance, or giving them a top Greek Music Hits playlist!

(Fine, fine, I'm kidding. -ish.)


So, needless to made me unduly excited, and it serves as my Joyful moment of the day. 

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