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Transit. And Beer.

Transit. And Beer.

This may be surprising given my penchant for solo travel and moving to the other side of the world on a whim, but I have a fear of public transportation, specifically upon arrival to an airport.  

The first time I visited Rhode Island, during my grad school years, was over Christmas break. I flew from New Mexico into Boston, and I was so terrified of getting from the airport to the metro to the train by myself that I flat out refused to do it and made my boyfriend at the time drive to Massachusetts to pick me up. 

(Please note: this predates having google maps at my fingertips, which helps considerably. Also, RI is only an hour's drive from Boston. But still.) 

A few years ago, I went to England for a week to visit a friend (he picked me up and showed me how to use the London Tube), and from there I was supposed to fly to Ireland where I'd meet my friend at the airport, and from there we'd rent a car and find a place to stay. 

I received a text from her at 3am that she missed her flight and was scheduled to arrive a day later, and I panicked so thoroughly about arriving to Ireland by myself and having to find a place to stay and getting there that I spent a stupid amount of money to reschedule my own flight so I'd arrive when she did. 

How do I survive when I travel, you may ask? 

I make arrangements. I ask people to meet me, pick me up, find me...and sometimes these are people I've communicated with but never actually met (don't read that part, Mom and Dad). Occasionally, I'll have them give me very thorough directions on how to transport myself from point A to point B. The best part of Greece, for me, the first time I went--before I arrived, that is--was knowing that they'd have a shuttle come pick me up and take me to the hotel. 

Seriously. I was so relieved.  

Anyway, I've gotten better these days, but it's still always anxiety-producing. However, today I made it easily from DCA airport to my Airbnb with only google maps and an address. I figured out the metro passes, and how to get there, and where I was going, and I arrived safely!  

And THE BEST PART was that I stumbled upon the best Airbnb ever. Not only is it beautiful and in a nice neighborhood and cheaper than a hotel, but there is also a coffee Keurig ready to go for every day I'm here, and an assortment of beer in the fridge. 

I'm not typically a beer drinker, but this moment was exactly what I needed at the end of today.