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I Just Saved Your Best Friend

I Just Saved Your Best Friend

There are two joyful moments, but one was necessary in order for the other one to be possible. 

Today I flew back to RI from Colorado. It was sad to bid my parents and the dogs farewell, but thankfully I will see them again in less than a month. I have something to look forward to very soon! 

But as I was checking over my itinerary, I noticed that my layover was only 45 minutes, so I asked about checking my suitcase, and the attendant put priority tags on my suitcase. Great! I thought my problems were solved.

But as I’m in line to board my first flight, I look closely at my tickets. We were set to arrive at 1:01pm, and my connecting flight would close its doors at 1:31pm. I had only 30 minutes, which is enough—generally—considering you’re off the plane. But I was sitting in 32D, at the very back, and had to wait for a full plane to de-board before I could head to my gate. And we were arriving into Chicago O’Hare at Terminal B and my departing flight was in Terminal C.

I started to panic. And pray. And I texted Mom who said she’d prayed, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she called the Poor Clares to ask them to pray, too.

Why the urgent need to get back? 

It actually wouldn’t have been a big deal except that Jeremy had a surprise Christmas gift for me that started at 7pm. He was picking me up from the airport and was taking me straight there. (I didn’t know what it was, but I didn’t want to ruin the gift. )

Long story short: our prayers were answered! I still have no idea how it happened, but I somehow made it to my gate with time to spare.  Jeremy picked me up—a more arduous feat for him than me making a connecting flight—and he revealed the surprise: two tickets to see Mike Birbiglia perform at Foxwoods!!

(He’s a comedian, a really funny and amazing one.) 

So That was my second Joyful moment. The show was so wonderful! I got to spend the evening laughing, there’s little else that’s better than that. Except Pizza. Sicilian thin crust, three pieces each, a relevant anecdote for the opening act; SHE was hilarious too!, and all around it was a great adventure and a fun night. 

Thanks for the surprise gift, M-dogg! 



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