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I used to follow the videos of “love guru” Matthew Hussey, who offered advice on general life as well as romance. One of the points he made in one video was the level of gusto and sense of purpose with which one acts the day before one leaves for vacation. 

That was me today.  

I’m leaving tomorrow to Colorado to meet my parents for the holiday, and I had a laundry list of things to do in preparation. With the exception of packing my suitcase (I understand this seems vital, but I promise it can wait), I accomplished everything on the list! I’m talking a to-do list that started at 4am with waking up to take meds to calling the doctor at 8:30am sharp to get an appointment (have I mentioned I’m sick?)  to doing my job to going to the Dr's appointment to buying Xmas gifts for various people (including my nieces and nephews whom I’ll see next month and the Big Brothers Big Sisters gifts for a sponsorship we’re doing at work) to stopping at Trader Joe’s to picking up my prescription to mailing a birthday present to preparing for writing group to leading writing group to doing laundry to cleaning. 


There were actually several joyful moments wrapped up in the day, including finding a 75% off shelf at Barnes and Noble and getting 20 things for the price of three. WHAT A STEAL. And because I spent so many funds, I got $2 off a drink at the Starbucks cafe and tried a peppermint mocha, which—if you haven’t tried it—is really amazing. 

Trader Joe’s was giving out samples of pie.  

I caught the sun going down and it looked beautiful.  

Karen from our writers group invited a couple of us over for pre-group dinner to talk about spiritual matters and life in general, and it was wonderful. (Ps. She’s a great cook!) 

And despite the fact that several members of the group did not understand the ***MONDAY MEETING*** memo meant we meant on Monday instead of our normal Tuesday, our intimate girls group was still perfect. Every time I receive feedback I feel so encouraged. I am so blessed to be a part of this group!  

And okay, I’m done gushing. I have to wake up early to pack! 

See you in the Rocky Mountain State! 



Reckless Love

Reckless Love