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Welcome to my blog. I'm spending a year capturing happiness, and I invite you to come along as I journey toward a more joyful living. I also write about travel, food, and matters of the spirit. Hope you enjoy!

Shared Joy

Shared Joy

I’m going to do the same thing I did yesterday and start with a joyful moment that I forgot to mention the day it happened! I hope this isn’t my new trend.

One of the writers from my Tuesday group (the “Tuesday Tipplers” as was coined) has been working on a memoir because I bullied her into it instead of writing a fictionalized version of her story.

Long story short, she’s attempted to write this story multiple times and it’s been rejected each time. I told her it’s because she needs to go to the vulnerable place and actually tell it as it happened and how it affected her.

So, she’s been writing this as a memoir now, and it is so good. All of us in the group love it, and she told us at the last meeting she gave it to her publisher. If the publisher rejects it again, she said, she’s going to quit writing it. 

We all grew quiet. Then we all argued. If this publisher doesn’t like it, we’ll find another one! Don’t give up! This is great stuff!

Anyway, yesterday she wrote to tell me her publisher got back to her. She loved it. “Gushed” over it, actually.


It was a proud moment for me.

Today, perhaps my happiest moment was finishing documentation. This has been the bane of my existence for months, and I finally finished the last one!

It’s a short lived victory, though, because my boss has to go over them with me and help me fill in the holes. But I’ve done all I can do on my own, so it feels like an accomplishment.

Also, I made up my own steel cut oats recipe. Well, the steel cut oats are prepared normally, but to top it off, I added:

Dried figs


chopped walnuts

dark chocolate

shredded coconut

drizzle of honey

splash of cream


It was really delightful.

Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Be still

Be still