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Well I’ll Be

Well I’ll Be

I’m a little overwhelmed right now with all the things I’ve got on my schedule. All of them are great, but I’m running out of time to do certain things, such as sleep (which Fitbit tells me I’m not getting very much of even when I am in bed), so I’m a little edgy.

Okay, full disclosure: I’m stressed out about the NYT application because I want the job so badly that it seems like a Mt. Everest task instead of a one-step-at-a-time task. I think my inclination is to shut down, and that’s what my brain is doing. But this morning, after a five minute meditation (***need to clear the mind of all the panic!!!***) I was able to start writing and now I have two possible essays, both of which are unfinished and already over the word count. But that’s better than nothing! 

(PS. Thanks to those of you who responded to be volunteer readers!! I love you and I’m working on it.) 

But aside from that, and my real job, and my Motif deadline tomorrow, I also had a lunch appointment scheduled for today with a girl from South Korea whom I hadn’t met yet. We were assigned as language partners because she wanted someone to help her with conversational English, and we put this on the calendar weeks ago.

To be honest, I was dreading going, just because it seemed like an inconvenience to my schedule right now. I considered bailing. But I decided to go, and—what do you know?—she is amazing! Such a kind and wonderful person! She loves food (win!) and traveling and we had so much to talk about. Her English is fantastic, so I don’t know what she’s concerned about, but she thinks she has a far way to go.  

OH!!!!! She told me about a language school in Middlebury, VT (where Nikitas went to school, actually. Not the language school, specifically, but Middlebury) that promises fluency in a foreign language in 6-8 weeks. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!? 

Seems sketchy, but I actually remember hearing my friend talk about this. He’s teaching a Portuguese literature class and one of his students is a first year Portuguese learner. Keep in mind, the books they’re reading are in Portugese, and the class is conducted in Portuguese. I said, “Uh. WHAT?” And he said this kid did the Middlebury course this summer and came out, well, basically fluent.  


The catch, of course, it’s that it’s $10k, so that seems unlikely. I guess they offer scholarships. But I  could theoretically learn Greek in two months???? THAT’S AMAZING. 

 <Just checked the website. They do not offer Greek> 

Moving on.

The second joyful moment, aside from coffee with my new friend, was going to a Round Table dinner and discussion about  "Spirits in the Material World: Demons and Theophanies in the Medical Clinic.” I find this topic fascinating, but again—I have 900* other things I ought to be doing.

*writing two dream-job-application essays and a magazine article is the mathematical equivalent of 900 things

I again almost bailed. I even drafted a last minute cancellation email. I was already going to be 30 minutes late and miss the cocktail and socializing time. But I had that nagging feeling I should go.

Those feelings are the worst. 

So I went. And it was just as fascinating as I thought it would be. I ended up at a great table of people I’d never met before, from all backgrounds, and so respectful and kind toward each other, and the things we discussed were deep! It was definitely one of the best Round Tables I’ve been to, perhaps even the best, so...I guess you could say I’m glad I went.

But now I’m opting to go to bed instead of write my magazine article, so please send your thoughts/prayers/vibes my way in the next few days. I’m in need of divine inspiration and magic with words. 

Thanks, friends. :) 


Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie