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Revival Wednesday

Revival Wednesday

Wednesday! We meet again! 

I think I should just call them Revival Wednesdays because midweek every week I get a spiritual rejuvenation in my soul, and more literally, I get to join with others in praying for revival in this city (and country, and Europe). It's like a refresh button that fills me up and keeps me expectant and joyful and passionate about what the Lord is doing and what He's like. *hint* He's AWESOME. 

There is one specific thing I wanted to share, but before I do I want to highlight a few things. First, catching up with someone from Dartmouth during my lunch break (via phone date) was wonderful. Sue is one of the most caring, energetic, positive people I know--and it's not for lack of hardships. But she always hopes in the Lord and does her best to love others, and that is a beautiful thing (really...the only thing, right?)

I was also privileged to invite my dear friend Sheri to a service at Redeemer in honor of St. Luke, a physician, so we both were anointed with healing oil, and blessed, and then we got to pray together afterward, and that was so encouraging. 

AND THEN my home group small group just killed it. It's the exact reason we have home groups, the reason God calls us into community, the most honest and real and there-for-you sorts of people and moments you could ask for. We just had very open and honest talks about what's really going on, and I'm telling you all, the ability to do that with people who don't judge you or criticize you but who pray for you and encourage you is one of the best gifts of this life. This is what the early church was about, and I hope that through the revival we're praying for, this sort of spirit of love and goodness and fellowship and desire to imitate Jesus will permeate until it can be said, Hey, something is different about those people. They care about each other, and everyone around them, even more than themselves. They are generous and welcoming, and they seem really joyful despite life's circumstances. I wonder what it's about. Once upon a time a people known to be following The Way lived like this. 

Anyway. That leads me back to revival. I wanted to share this image that came to mind while we were praying after discipleship for revival.

 (This may not make a whole lot of sense, much like the rest of this post, if you're not a believer, but thank you for sticking it out if you've made it this far! I appreciate your fortitude since I'm sure it sounds crazy.)

When I was in Greece, I was running late at night and the moon was huge and bright. I remember noticing the way the lit up the water--I could see everything, miles and miles, all the way from the edge of the sea to the horizon (not to mention, it also made the street on which I was running visible!). I was so moved that I wrote about it later in my notebook, saying, "It's surprising how something that only reflects light can illuminate such an expanse as the sea."

 Something that only reflects light.

What God revealed to me was that we are meant to be like the moon. He is the source of light--He is light, as John says--but if we are positioned properly, we can reflect His light to illuminate the world.

That itself was like, whoa. But then Anne added that the earth often gets in the way of the sun and actually blocks the light, creating shadows and/or covering the moon entirely. ISN'T THAT WILD. We, who are called to reflect light onto the world can be instead darkened by the world. It's all about our position in relation to God and the world--which way are we facing? 

It seemed really simple yet profound, which is generally what God does ("making wise the simple"). I hope you all feel inspired or encouraged to exist in God's glorious light, to believe we have a part to play in helping other see and know --by our reflection-- the Son.

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