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En Route

En Route

I am curious to know how many of my blogs involve receiving surprises in the mail. It's happened a few times over the year, and every time it is a joyful moment for me.

Today, my joyful moment was preparing such cards/packages for other people. I am looking forward to surprising and (hopefully) blesseing them. 

In other anecdotes, two things happened in the last couple of days that I think are metaphors for life. 

The first deals with the keypad on my downstairs door. 

It's a combination door lock, and I was taught to enter the code to unlock it, and then enter the code followed by the "lock" key to lock it.  

This is what I have done for two and a half years. 

Well, the other night Marc Omar, who is visiting and living downstairs, saw me locking the door and said, "You know you can just hit the lock button and it will lock, right? You don't have to enter the code." 

To quote Phoebe Buffet (in Friends), "THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION." Marc Omar, I did not know that. You mean to tell me that this whole time I have been complicating the process by hitting multiple buttons when I could have just hit a little lock button and walked away? I could have allowed my couch surfers to leave anytime they wanted instead of being present to lock the door behind them? How have I not known???

It reminds me of "superstitious behaviors" in animal training, where an animal would be doing something unrelated to the behavior that was being trained, and thus reinforced, but the animal wouldn't distinguish between what the trainer wanted and what they did. So they'd continue to pair the behaviors together even though one was superfluous, and later they'd often have to be trained again to un-pair them. 

In my case, the un-pairing was a quick process, but I still marvel at how much time and effort I needlessly wasted. I think life can be like that. We add things to our routine, complicate our lives, and then we realize we didn't need to do those things all along. 

The other thing that happened was that I bit the inside of my lip, and because it's now wounded, I keep reinjuring it. Today especially, I made the mistake of chewing a piece of gum, and I so carelessly missed the gum and found the inside of my lip that blood came out of my mouth. It hurt so bad I nearly cried. 

Just thinking about it again makes my stomach drop. 

(Trivia: I once learned that if you were to bite your little finger with as much force as you use to bite a carrot, you would completely sever your finger. ***dont try this at home***)

It made me think of how failing in one small area of our life often leads to bigger and worse things because we just keep exposing these new wounds and making them bigger and bigger to the point where, even if we're not trying, they get in the way of everyday life. The normal things become burdensome, and painful, because we can't break the cycle of self-inflicted wounds.

Anyway, deep thoughts from a door lock and gym-chewing gone awry. 

PS. The cover photo has nothing to do with this post, but it makes me laugh. Kudos to Whaler's Brewing Co and their awesome tour guides. 



Spring cleaning

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