About The Joyfulness Project


hi there.
Let's be Joyful together.

I want to embark on a project. It's been shown that the power of gratitude is transformative, and after being inspired by projects such as 365 Grateful and The Happiness Jar, I decided that 2017 would be the year I record my moments of joy every day. I'm calling it The Joyfulness Project. This is where the Happiness Jar comes into play, my virtual jar that I will fill with moments, stories, pictures, or meaningful encounters. I've also included a space for general musings, which are reflections and spiritual thoughts; food and travel, two things I'm passionate about; and outreach, because giving to others is just one more way to expand one's own happiness. 

(To find out more about me--my background and who I am--please click here!)

I hope this blog inspires you to be grateful for the small things, and that you, too, will find joy. Please feel free to leave a comment or tell me about your own journey toward thankful living!